Transparent Paintings

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Paintings aren’t just for walls — windows need art, too! Learn how to make lightfast fluid paintings from transparent acrylic “skins”. Suspended in a hoop frame, this stained-glass inspired art catches the light with a beautiful, colorful glow.



  1. Place ring on a sheet protector. Brush gloss medium on the inside, making contact with the ring on all edges.
  2. Create transparent “skins” by swirling acrylic colors with gloss medium on another sheet protector. After drying, peel them from the sheet.
  3. Cut color sheets into shapes and layer onto dried medium inside the ring.
  4. Enhance by brushing on more paint or defining areas with permanent marker.
  5. Seal with a final coat of gloss medium.
  6. When dry, attach a large jump ring over the hook and hang with a string or ribbon.