Personalized Signet Rings

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Create a personal, functional stamp that’s always within arm’s reach! Learn a simple way to make a signet ring using Sculpey clay and wire. Not only is the result wearable and stunning, but it can be stamped into sealing wax, adding a unique signature to your everyday correspondence.



  1. Using Sculpey, create a cylinder approximately 1/4" thick, with a 1/2" circumference.
  2. Press the design into the clay with an embossing tool.
  3. Cut copper wire into a 2-1/2" piece and shape it into a “U.” Bend the top of the “U” inward with pliers to a 90° angle. Shape it around a finger, making sure it is slightly larger than needed to allow for covering the wire with clay. Bend the other end of the wire to match, but not overlap. Cut excess wire, if needed.
  4. Attach wire to the signet disk by pushing the ends into each side.
  5. Roll a small piece of clay into a slab 1/16" thick. Make a paper stencil roughly the shape of a golf tee, sized to the signet disk. Place the stencil onto the slab and cut it out using a clay tool and repeat, making two identical pieces. These will be the sides and back of the ring, covering the wire.
  6. Press the wide end of the clay shape to the side of the signet disk, just above where the wire is attached, and smooth the remaining clay along the wire to the back of the ring. Repeat on the other side. Remove any excess where the pieces meet and burnish the joint.
  7. If desired, follow the directions on the Sculpey packaging to add small clay embellishments to the design before baking,
  8. Seal the ring with Sculpey Glaze to make it shiny and easier to clean.