Loose Floral Watercolor Painting

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A Mother’s Day bouquet that won’t fade away! Learn a simple watercolor technique to perfect your petal painting skills with Princeton Aqua Elite Synthetic Brushes and ultra-lightfast Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors.



  1. Mix Quinacridone Rose with water in your palette to make a watercolor wash.

  2. Use the Princeton Aqua Elite Synthetic Size 6 Brush and the Quinacridone Rose wash to paint a brushstroke in the shape of a comma. Create a second comma-shaped brushstroke next to the first, facing the opposite direction. Repeat the comma brushstroke, increasing the size as you encircle the middle brushstrokes. Paint fine lines on the petals as desired to add detail.

  3. Combine Pyrrole Scarlet and Quinacridone Rose with water, or use the colors separately, alternating as you paint. Repeat Step 2 to produce two brushstroke peonies side by side.

  4. Create a New Gamboge wash. Adding little pressure, use the point of the brush to paint fine lines with ball-shaped ends to paint yellow stamen.

  5. Blend French Ultramarine Blue with Hansa Yellow Light to make a green wash. Paint comma strokes that meet in the middle to create small and large leaves.