Orange Blossom Encaustic Painting

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Find your niche with R&F Encaustic Paints! Discover the magic of hot wax art. Find out how to paint using R&F Pigment Sticks, then heat and transform R&F Encaustic Paints and Mediums with Encaustic Brushes to make an orange blossom painting on an Ampersand Encausticbord. Learn to incorporate collage...

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  1. Scan and print your artwork onto regular 20 lb copy paper.
  2. Assemble the heating plate and temperature control, then place the colors and encaustic medium into separate trays on the heating plate and heat to 200°F.
  3. While the colors are heating, use R&F Pigment Sticks to paint a background on the Ampersand Encausticbord.
  4. Wait until the wax is completely fluid at a steady 200°F. Then, using a large brush and only R&F Encaustic Medium at first, paint three layers over the background painting. Fuse layers using a heat gun, and allow to cool.
  5. Place your first collage element on top of the fused wax layer, then paint three additional layers of wax. Fuse layers using a heat gun, and allow to cool.
  6. Repeat Step 5 with your second collage element.
  7. Use a pin tool to carve around the outline and other details of your collage element(s). Use R&F Pigment Sticks to color carved layers, and wipe away any excess paint with a painting rag.
  8. At any time throughout the painting, you can use heated colors and swipe small amounts into the background. Then re-fuse the layer to blend. Use excess paint from the paint sticks to bring more color into your wax background by swiping gently with a painting rag.
  9. Use a sculpture tool to lightly carve away areas within the collage element that were painted using R&F Pigment Sticks, creating a shallower, textured area to apply the heated wax paint colors.
  10. Using your collage element as a guide, incorporate R&F Encaustic Brushes to paint on different colors of the image. Blend, overlap, and gently fuse colors as needed then allow to cool. Use the pin tool to re-carve areas as desired.
  11. Use R&F Pigment Sticks to create highlights and shading on the surface.