Block Print Pillow

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Have the best pillow on the block! Learn to make an easy, no-sew decorative pillow by combining printmaking and soft sculpture. Begin by creating a design on Blick Readycut from the downloadable Eiffel Tower template, or create your own image! Then print with Speedball Fabric and Paper Block Printin...

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  1. Place transfer paper on the Blick Readycut with the template on top. Trace the image firmly with a ballpoint pen.
  2. Carve into the Blick Readycut with a linoleum cutter until all areas that are not meant to receive ink are carved away.
  3. Using a brayer, evenly spread ink onto an inking plate or other smooth surface.
  4. Roll the inked brayer evenly over the design, moving both ways across the image.
  5. Place the inked block face-down approximately 1" from the top of the canvas. Press firmly over the inked area.
  6. Slowly peel back the Blick Readycut. If there are areas where the ink is too thin on the finished print, use a brush to darken the ink and even it out.
  7. When dry, fold the canvas with the image side visible (lining up the top to the bottom) and cut around the image to create the desired shape.
  8. Pinch the bottom of the canvas, folding it inside the front and back piece, creating an “M” shape when viewed from the side.
  9. Apply glue along the inside edge of the canvas. Hold it together with a clothespin until the glue sets. Repeat for the other side, being sure to leave an opening at the top to fill the pillow with stuffing.
  10. Stuff the pillow with polyester stuffing. Use the eraser end of a pencil to push the stuffing all the way to the bottom. Marbles or pebbles can be placed in the bottom for stability.
  11. Glue the remaining opening.