Mixed Media Pelican Painting with Pebeo’s Tristina Dietz Elmes

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Dive head first into our pelican painting demo for some mixed media tips from Pebeo’s Tristina Dietz Elmes. Tristina will show you how to outline your pelican design with a Pebeo Vitrail Cerne Relief Outliner as she answers questions during a live Q&A. Then learn to create fun special effects by com...

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  1. Print the pelican outline image and transfer it to the Pebeo Liquid Art Panel or canvas surface with a pencil and transfer paper.
  2. Trace the pelican outline with a black Pebeo Vitrail Cerne Relief Outliner, and allow it to dry. Repeat the process to build up a second layer of Cerne Relief, and it allow to dry again.
  3. Use a craft stick to stir the various Pebeo mixed media paints before use. Apply desired colors and paint effects inside the pelican design outline with the craft sticks or a plastic dropper. Be careful not to overfill the shapes.

• Tip: To create a brown color, mix the Vitrail Apple Green and Vitrail Crimson colors together with a small amount of Lightening Medium in an empty 45 ml bottle. 4. Apply Fantasy Prisme Caribbean Blue paint to the bottom area of the artwork outside the pelican outline to represent water. 5. Use a fan brush to apply Vitrail Sky Blue or Vitrail Cobalt Blue for the sky area outside the pelican outline. While the Vitrail paint is still wet, drizzle over some areas with a little Fantasy Moon Pearl to create wispy clouds. Allow the artwork to dry overnight, then add another coat of blue Vitrail to the sky if desired to deepen the color. • Tip: Mix Vitrail Cobalt Blue with Lightening Medium to create a lighter blue. 6. Clean the brushes with Pebeo Odorless Medium, then wash with them soap and water. 7. Allow the artwork to dry for 48–72 hours. Add more details over the dried paint with Cerne Relief or Pebeo markers if desired.