Eggstra Easy Mosaic Crunch

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A modern take on a traditional technique — with a satisfying crunch! Find out how to turn eggshells into mosaic-inspired art! We’ll show you an alcohol ink technique to create intricate veining on broken eggshells.



  1. Clean eggshells with hot water and antibacterial soap, rinse, and dry.
  2. Break eggshells into pieces.
  3. Apply glue generously to the surface of your project.
  4. Place the eggshell pieces on the glue with either side facing up.
  5. Overlap pieces to build up dimensional texture.
  6. Squeeze Jacquard Pinata Colors or Blick Liquid Watercolors over the eggshells, and spread the paint with a paintbrush.
  7. Apply Blickrylic Polymer Gloss Medium or Liquitex Pouring Medium directly over the painted eggshells.
  8. Allow the piece to dry. If desired, repeat step 6 for an additional finish coat.