Easy Fabric Batik

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Be bold with batik! We’ll show you a no-heat method using washable glue instead of hot wax. Then add color and remove the glue — just like traditional batik. Create stunning, washable designs on pillow cases, scarves, shirts, and more.



  1. Transfer or draw an image directly onto the fabric with a soft pencil.
  2. Stretch the fabric, taping it to cardboard lined with a sheet of plastic.
  3. Trace the line drawing with washable gel glue. For fine lines, use a detailer writer to apply the glue. Allow time for the glue to dry, generally 2–3 hours.
  4. Apply Marabu Fashion Spray Fabric Paint, either by spraying directly from the bottle or using a brush. Rit Liquid Dye can also be used for this step.
  5. When the paint is completely dry, place the piece in warm water. Gently rub off the glue.
  6. Heat set the fabric paint with an iron, referring to the manufacturer’s instructions.