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Oriental Brushes - Bamboo and Sumi

Bamboo Brush Set
Bamboo Brush Set

For watercolor, ceramic glazing, Oriental-style painting, calligraphy. Handmade in China of soft, natural hair. One each: pointed brown goat hair, pointed white goat hair, ox bristle, wide hake, and Mister Big Cat Jr.

Price: $18.59 SAVE up to 20% off List! Bulk Discounts Available!
Blick "Mr. Big Cat Jr." Brush
Blick "Mr. Big Cat Jr." Brush - Series 296

For watercolor, ink painting, and calligraphic-style lettering. Handsome brush is made of soft goat hair covered by select pony hair. Hand-set in plastic ferrule on a natural wood handle. Dia., 1/2".

Price: $9.59 SAVE 40 - 46% off List! Bulk Discounts Available!
Blick Bamboo Brush
Blick Bamboo Brush

For watercolors, ink, and Japanese calligraphic lettering. Long, tapered point of soft, dyed goat hair is handset in plastic ferrule with plastic bamboo handle. Sizes 2, 4, and 6. Also set.

Prices range from $2.75 - $5.75 SAVE up to 51% off List! Bulk Discounts Available!
Blick Brown Hair <nobr>Sumi Brush</NOBR>
Blick Brown Hair Sumi Brush

Pointed-hair brush for Japanese calligraphic writing or painting. Handmade, with dyed goat hair. 3 sizes. Also available in set.

Prices range from $3.49 - $8.63 SAVE up to 48% off List! Bulk Discounts Available!
Blick White Hair Bamboo Brush
Blick White Hair Bamboo Brush - Series 291

For ceramics, watercolor, sumi-e, and calligraphy. Soft, white goat hair tapers to a workable point. Short, handmade bamboo handle.

Prices range from $3.99 - $6.29 SAVE 42% or more off List! Bulk Discounts Available!
Calligraphy Brush Canister
Calligraphy Brush Canister

Ideal for calligraphy work, silk painting, and all types of decorative painting, this assortment of 72 watercolor and Sumi brushes contains 12 each of six sizes. Every brush is filled with either Sable or Goat hair and attached to a bamboo handle.

Price: $106.99 Out of Stock
Winsor & Newton Bamboo Brush
Winsor & Newton Bamboo Brush

Winsor & Newton's Series 150 Bamboo Brush is designed for Asian ink and watercolor painting, but the extra long hairs make for exciting strokes in traditional watercolors as well. These brushes are also excellent for ceramic glazing applications.

Prices range from $2.50 - $7.86 SAVE 35% off List!
Yasutomo Bamboo Calligraphy Brush
Yasutomo Bamboo Calligraphy Brush

The central core of this brush, which determines its height and basic function, is composed of relatively stiff hairs gathered to form a tapered point. The outer wrapping consists of softer hairs that have been selected for their ability to hold water and facilitate smooth strokes.

Prices range from $3.40 - $4.95 SAVE 20% off List!
Yasutomo Bamboo Sumi Brush
Yasutomo Bamboo Sumi Brush - Series 5601

All-purpose brush, including watercolor work. Sharp tip and firm body performs various strokes well while remaining flexible for shading and coloring. Combined from natural horse, badger, deer, cat, and sheep hair.

Prices range from $4.85 - $12.54 SAVE 30 - 37% off List! Bulk Discounts Available!
Yasutomo Hoboku Stroke Brush
Yasutomo Hoboku Stroke Brush

The Hoboku brush is made from a combination of fine-quality horse hair and synthetic fiber, offering durability and great color carrying capacity.

Prices range from $28.99 - $51.39 SAVE 22% off List!
Yasutomo Taihitsu Sumi Brush
Yasutomo Taihitsu Sumi Brush

Generously sized Taihitsu Sumi brushes are made with sheep and synthetic hair and have excellent water-holding capacity. Enjoy a broad, expressive stroke, perfect for calligraphy and large drawings. Each brush includes a loop for hang drying.

Prices range from $36.57 - $50.19 SAVE 20 - 30% off List! Bulk Discounts Available!
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