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Luco Kazan Squirrel Stripers
Luco Kazan Squirrel Stripers - Series 5079 PS

The Kazan squirrel hair striper is great for decorative work. It's flat, with a slanting edge, and features a very long length out. Brass wire-bound bristles are attached to a very short cedar finish handle.

Prices range from $38.19 - $55.53 SAVE 25 - 33% off List! Bulk Discounts Available!
Mack Squirrel Hair Sword Striper
Mack Squirrel Hair Sword Striper - Series 20

Best for lacquer and enamel applications. Used by body shops for paint touch-up and pinstriping. Contains 100% pure unmixed squirrel hair. Sizes 00 to 4.

Prices range from $9.15 - $13.09 SAVE 16% off List!
Mack Sword Striping Brush
Mack Sword Striping Brush - Series 10

For pinstriping and scroll work. New version of the classic Mack. Handcrafted brush contains finest 100% unmixed blue squirrel hair in a blue thread ferrule. Sizes 000 to 2.

Prices range from $11.68 - $13.62 SAVE 25% off List!