Retail Stores

Blick in New York City W 23rd St, NY

  • Address:
  • 237 West 23rd Street
  • New York City, NY 10011
  • Phone: (212) 675-8659
  • Store Hours:
  • Mo-Fr: 9-8
  • Sa: 9-7
  • Su: 11-6

Nearest Public Transit

1 23rd Street stop (and 7th Ave)
C and E 23rd Street stop (and 8th Ave)
F and M 23rd Street stop (and 6th Ave)
N.J. Path 23rd Street stop (and 6th Ave)
R and W 23rd Street stop (and Broadway)

M23 Crosstown
M7 to from W146th St to W14th Street
M20 to South Ferry (along 7th Ave) to Lincoln Center (along 8th Ave)


Prices and selection may vary between the internet and our retail stores, and all prices are subject to change without notice.

All of our locations are company owned and operated.