Custom Framing and Printing FAQs

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Framing Questions

  • What is the benefit of choosing a standard size in custom vs. ready-made frames and mats?

    Our Custom Framing services offer more variety, quality, and professional design options than typical ready-made frames, and allow the frame and matting to be designed specifically for your artwork.

  • What is preservation framing and why should I have it done?

    Preservation framing is the practice of using conservation materials and techniques to protect and preserve your framed artwork. Blick utilizes the highest quality acid-free mats and mount boards, UV filtering glazing, and up-to-date industry standards to safeguard your art from acid burn, yellowing, and fading due to harmful UV light.

  • Are all the materials Blick uses conservation quality?

    Yes, we only use conservation materials unless instructed by you.

  • If I give you the size over the phone, can you give me a quote?

    We cannot provide an accurate quote without seeing the artwork. Bring your piece into one of our Blick Custom Printing & Framing stores, and we’d be happy to provide a quote after reviewing the requirements and selecting the treatments that best suit your needs.

  • What types of glass do you offer?

    We offer a wide range of options, including Tru Vue’s highest quality archival products, such as Museum Glass® and Optium® Acrylics, UV filtering conservation glazing, and even standard picture glass.

  • Why shouldn’t artwork touch the glass?

    Glass should never come into contact with the art as it traps moisture that can then leach or discolor the pigments. Glass can also fuse to the art resulting in ripping or peeling of the art when removed.

  • Do oil paintings on canvas require glass?

    Yes. Oil paintings do not need to “breathe” in open air to dry. Putting a painting under glass creates a micro-environment which allows oil paintings to dry evenly and protects all paintings from dust, contact, and fading from UV light thus extending the life of the artwork.

  • Are you able to sandwich artwork between two pieces of glass or acrylic?

    Yes, but glazing touching artwork is a decorative look and not an archival technique. See your local Blick Custom Printing & Framing store for more information.

  • Do you frame and mat artwork so that it is removable?

    Yes, our preservation framing techniques allow for the artwork to be removed.

  • What is a shadow box?

    Shadow boxes are designed to hold three-dimensional items such as medals, baby shoes, or sports memorabilia in an enclosed box frame protected with glass.

  • What is a fillet?

    Fillets are small pieces of moulding that fit inside the frame or mat opening that enhance the design and give your piece a sophisticated look.

  • Are frame shop hours different from the store?

    All of our Custom Printing & Framing store hours are the same as the store they are located in.

  • What is mounting, and what options are available?

    Mounting is how your artwork is secured, depending on both materials and techniques. See your local Blick Custom Printing & Framing store for more details.

  • What is a float frame?

    A float frame gives the illusion of the artwork floating in the frame. They are typically used for oil or acrylic paintings done on canvas. In addition, float frames can be used in other applications to provide a highly stylized look.

  • Can you frame needlework, fabric, or objects?

    Yes. There are a variety of mounting techniques, and we use the right one to safely mount and frame your items.

  • Are we able to stack frames?

    Yes, we are able to stack frames.

  • What is the largest size you can frame?

    Most, but not all, mouldings are available in lengths up to 9 feet for wood, 10 feet for metal, and 12 feet for canvas stretcher bars. The final size may be somewhat smaller depending on the width of the moulding.

  • What is the appropriate way to frame a pastel?

    Glazing or mats should be raised off the pastel using a combination of spacers and mat risers. If acrylic is used, it should be static free, such as the Optimum Museum Acrylic® from True Vue.

  • Why is there no bulk discount on your printing and framing?

    In addition to our everyday Preferred Card discount of 10%, we also offer deeper discounts with our Commercial Framing Program, which is available to individuals and businesses with a valid tax ID or business license number. Our regular framing and printing sales may also offer discounts of 50% or more. If you have a volume project, consult with your local Custom Printing & Framing store for possible specialized pricing based on your needs.

  • Do you sell length moulding?

    Yes, we do offer length moulding.

  • Can I bring in my own frame?


  • Can I buy a custom cut frame and assemble it myself?

    Yes. We can assist you with finding and purchasing the right frame for your needs.

  • Are the frames on the website available in custom sizes?

    No. Our website selections are pre-built, standard sizes. Custom Printing & Framing store mouldings are custom and differ from what is offered on our website.

  • How much does custom framing cost?

    We offer a vast assortment of options to find the best look for every budget.

  • Can I buy framing parts from you and frame the artwork myself?

    While we do sell some framing items in our store, due to safety issues, we do not allow customers to frame artwork in our stores.

General Questions

  • Do you stretch canvas?

    Yes. Not only do we sell rolled canvas, stretcher bars, and cross braces, but we can also stretch your canvas for you. We can re-stretch canvas for you, and we offer wood stretcher bars, including the Best Pro-Bar system and custom sized stretcher bars.

  • Do you prime stretched canvas?

    We do not prime canvas, but we do sell primed canvas by the yard in our stores.

  • Do you deliver or offer installation services?

    For safety and liability reasons, we do not offer delivery or installation services.

  • How long does it take to get my frame or print job? Can my order be rushed?

    Custom framing has a turnaround time of 14 days. Orders can be rushed for an additional fee. See your local Blick Custom Printing & Framing store for details.

  • Can you stretch a canvas for me on my custom cut bars?

    We can use stretcher bars you provide as long as they are appropriate for the job.

  • Do you repair frames?


  • Do you provide restoration services?

    No, we do not offer artwork conservator services in our Custom Printing & Framing stores.

  • Can you ship my artwork?

    No, we do not ship artwork.

  • Do you require payment up front?

    Yes. All custom printing and framing jobs require payment in full before the job is started.

  • Are all sales final?

    Since the work is custom, all sales are final. As always, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee of our work and if you are unsatisfied for any reason, we will make it right for you.

Printing Questions

  • What surfaces can you print on?

    We offer a wide range of fine art, photo, and metallic paper as well as canvas.

  • Do you offer giclee printing?


  • Do you offer to photograph artwork?

    At this time we do not offer photographic services, but we may be able to recommend a local photographer to assist you.

  • Do you scan images?

    We scan up to 8 1/2" x 11". The scanned file can be printed much larger, but 8½" x 11" is the limit of the scanner.

  • How do I upload my photo to you?

    You can bring in your digital image on a CD or USB thumb drive. We also accept images from mobile devices via Dropbox.

  • Can I paint on the prints?

    Our Museum Pro-Canvas can be painted on if prepped properly, typically with a gel matte medium. Some watercolors and acrylics can also be used with our watercolor and Etching Rag papers.

  • Are you able to print on paper that I bring in?

    Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate papers brought into our Custom Printing & Framing store. Our printers are calibrated for each of the papers we use for maximum color accuracy.

  • What files do you accept for printing?

    We recommend TIFF files for the highest quality reproduction. We can also accept JPEG, PSD, and PDF files. Please flatten any TIFF or PSD images that have layers.

  • How should I format the images?

    The images should be 300 dpi/ppi and cropped in aspect ratio to whatever size you desire.

  • What is DPI?

    DPI refers to Dot Per Square Inch. 300 DPI is the typical output for high resolution and is used in conjunction with PPI, or Pixels Per Square Inch. Ideally you want a minimum of 300 DPI at 100% of your output size. Our Custom Printing & Framing staff can help you determine the output quality of your image.

  • What is aspect ratio?

    The aspect ratio of an image is the relationship between the width and the height. The most common aspect ratio for digital cameras is 3:2 (read 3-to-2). For example, a typical digital photo that has not been cropped will scale to 8 x 12 (which has a 2:3) ratio but not 8 x 10 (which has a 4:5) ratio. While 11 x 14 and 8 x 10 are both common print sizes, they have different aspect ratios. If you would like an image printed at a different size than its aspect ratio, the image will need to be cropped to accommodate.

  • Do you offer image file editing and manipulation services?

    We require the print file to be ‘print ready’. Contact your local Blick Custom Printing & Framing store for more details.

  • Can you do test prints?

    We have several proofing options depending on the size of the edition. Please see your local Blick Custom Printing & Framing store for more information.

  • Can you make a brochure?

    Yes, if your brochure doesn’t require double sided printing.

  • What is your turnaround time for prints?

    Our turnaround time for custom printing jobs is up to five days; however, please check with your local Blick Custom Printing & Framing store as we can work to accommodate your schedule.

  • What is the largest size you can print?

    For canvas, we can print 36–40" wide by any length (depending on the stretcher bars) and for all other papers we can print up to 43" by any length.

  • Can I place my print order online?

    No, all orders must be taken at one of our Blick Custom Printing & Framing stores.

  • Can I print copyrighted material?

    No, you must have the right to reproduce all images you would like to print. All print jobs require a customer signature on our copyright waiver form.

  • Do you print invitations?

    Yes, so long as they do not require double sided printing.