Whimsical Wood Slices

Rustic wood slices make the perfect surface for a whimsical woodland friend! Explore three ways to decorate! Paint directly onto the wood slices, collage with decorative papers, or use a Versa Tool to “draw” the images! Perfect for parties, this easy project is fun for all ages!


Preparation: 1. Print reference image, if using.


To paint a whimsical wood slice: 1. Using the template provided, transfer the image onto the wood slice using transfer paper.

2. To create a monotone painting, choose one color of Blick Matte Acrylic paint per wood slice. 3. Add just a few drops of water to your base color, and fill in the area of the animal with this one color. Paint should be close to the consistency of watercolor. Adding water allows the paint to be absorbed by the natural wood surface, resulting in a super smooth, flat painting. 4. It is best to let each layer of paint dry between applications. To save time, set up as an assembly line with all 12 wood slices, so that by the time the first layer of paint is applied to all 12 pieces, the first piece will be dry and ready for the next layer—just don’t forget to choose different base colors for each wood slice! 5. Add white to the base color and add details. Outline the woodland animal, add dots and dashes to convey fur and other features. To collage a whimsical wood slice: 1. Using the screen printing papers recommended in the materials list, carefully cut around a single image. 2. Use a glue stick to adhere the image to the wood slice. 3. Once the glue is dry, add details such as grass and clouds using Blick Matte Acrylics. Add a few drops of water to the paint to allowing it to be absorbed slightly into to surface, creating a more unified look between the painting and collage elements. 4. When choosing colors, let yourself be free! Don’t just use green for grass, use purple, magenta, blue, or orange. Nothing is off limits! This will create a feeling of whimsy, while also breaking up the monotony of having 12 wood slice pieces that all look the same when assembled. To woodburn a whimsical wood slice: 1. Using the template provided, transfer the image onto the wood slice using transfer paper. 2. Wood burning is much like drawing, but slower, and one has to be very careful of the hot pen tip. Be patient and careful! 3. Start will the smaller drawing script nib (there is a handy nib guide included in the manufactures’ instructions) plug in and allow to heat up. 4. Simply trace over the transferred image with the Versa Tool. Put it all together: 1. Use the twine provided with the wood slices to string together. 2. Fold one piece of twine in half, thread through the hole and catch the loose ends in the loop. Pull tightly. Repeat for each piece, always going in the same direction. 3. Separate the ends, using a square knot to attach. Keeping everything in the same direction will help the garland to stay aligned and front facing.