Watermelon Matte Acrylic Painting

Enjoy one last slice of summer with a vibrant watermelon painting! Learn how to paint with the bold colors of Blick Matte Acrylics! Affordable and fully intermixable, they’re ideal for creating flat, matte, graphic artwork that photographs beautifully. Plus, explore versatile brushstroke techniques ...


1) Print reference image and create a simple sketch from observation by measuring the angles of the watermelon with your pencil. Alternatively, transfer the image onto canvas.

2) Using a flat brush, work around your watermelon sketch to paint the background in Aqua.

3) Paint the flesh of the watermelon using a combination of Burgundy, Red, and Light Red.

4) Once the first layer is dry, use Black to paint the seeds.

5) Using a dry brush technique, lightly brush over the seeds with Red to create the illusion that the seeds are inside the fruit.

6) Working with a small round brush, use Buff White to paint the inside of the rind.

7) Finish by using Green and a small brush to paint the edges of the rind.