How to Create Watercolor Ornaments

Get merry this holiday season by making your own watercolor ornaments! Follow along with artist Jeannie Dickson as she demonstrates how to add bold colors and a bit of sparkle to your design using a variety of watercolor techniques. Once you’re finished, you’ll have a dazzling, one-of-a-kind ornamen...


1. Using paper and pencil, design your ornaments.

2. Use graphite transfer paper (black side down), to transfer your design unto the watercolor paper. Use painter’s tape to attach your original design.

3. Using an HB pencil, lightly trace over your design.

4. Choose your color palette. Make an extra copy of your original design and color it.

5. Using the round size 6 and size 2 brushes, begin to paint your ornaments with the opaque watercolors.

6. Using a permanent marker, color in the elements where you will be applying the metallic watercolors. Give the marker a few seconds to dry completely.

7. Using the size 2 brush, activate the metallic watercolor with a little water and apply over the areas you colored with the permanent marker.

8. Use the metallic gold watercolor to add diamond-shaped elements to create a sparkling effect.