How to Paint Watercolor Flowers with Jenna Rainey

Paint along with watercolor artist Jenna Rainey as she shows how she uses the Princeton Blooms Brush to create colorful watercolor flowers, including petals, leaves, and stems.


1) Load the brush with water and Quinacridone Red for a thick, buttery consistency.

2) At the top left corner of the paper, place the brush at 35-degree angle. Drag it down with medium pressure, then twist and release to give the petal a thin point at the end.

3) Release some pigment for a more transparent Quinacridone Red. Use the brush on its side, a little higher on the paper, with lighter pressure, and give it a C-curve.

4) Continue filling out the rest of the flower, alternating between the flat and thin side of the brush. Put the lighter, more transparent pinks on the side and the dense, concentrated color in the middle.

5) With the lower petals that are upside down, remember to flip your brush around so you are still pulling the thin part towards the center of the flower. Always pull down from the top of the petal.

6) Dip the brush in Permanent Orange to add touches of another color.

7) Place the brush at a 75-degree angle to create the ends of the petals at the top of the flower.

8) Repeat to create more flowers with slight differences in petal placement and values.

9) Add white gouache for some flowers.

10) Mix Sky Blue, Bluish Violet, and a little Burnt Sienna to create a smoky eucalyptus color for stems and leaves.

11) For stems, hold the brush straight up and down vertically. Find the axis point in the flower and flick the brush back and forth, barely touching the paper.

12) For leaves, hold the brush at a 75-degree angle and use the corner to pull it downward. Dot the edge of the brush around to create smaller leaves. Squish the brush down to create wider leaves in spots.