Watercolor Travel Journal with Ashley Nordin

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Get ready for a new year of creativity with a portable watercolor kit that allows you to capture every memorable moment. Join our Facebook Group, the BLICK Creative Community, for a Wa...

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Instructions: 1. Practice drawing using the provided template by tracing or transferring on to paper. Or, draw from observation wherever you are traveling! Travel tip: Take lots of pictures wherever you are traveling to capture the right scene so you can paint it later!

2. Wet the paints in the compact watercolor set using a dropper or spray bottle.

3. Start with a wash and cover broad areas of the mountain scape using a single color like Grey or Blue. Leave white areas for highlights and allow to dry. Use the largest brushes available to paint broad areas, and smaller brushes for details.

4. Use a wet-in-wet technique to add in more saturated colors by loading wet paint on to your brush, then dropping it in wet areas on the paper.

5. Add additional details by working wet-in-dry once the first layers are dry to the touch.