Three Ways to Spruce Up Your Gift Wrap With BLICK

Add a fun, personal touch to your gifts with this easy tutorial! Using Blick Matte Acrylic Paints and Utrecht Artists’ Acrylic Gesso, you’ll learn how to deck out assorted papers with three artistic paint effects: dots, splatters, and swipes.


Other Materials:



Unroll and cut a large piece of kraft paper for the gifts or boxes you’ll be wrapping. Use enough paper to cover as many gifts as you plan to wrap.

Paint Dots

1. Choose your favorite heavy-body acrylic paint in any color or an acrylic gesso (we’re using Utrecht Artists’ Acrylic Gesso).

2. Depending on how textured you’d like the dots to be, you can add more water for less texture. For this example, we’re not adding water for the most texture available.

3. As far as the tool, the end of a pencil eraser or the end of a paintbrush is our choice for dots. This keeps a bit of consistency on size and shape, with a little bit of control.

4. To start your pattern, dip the end of your pencil or paintbrush into the paint and twist it around on the paper to form a circle shape. This example doesn’t follow a specific direction; we’re creating more of a randomized dot pattern.

5. Once you’re finished, let the paint dry and place the paper however you like on your gift to give it a bit more texture and personality.

Paint Splatter

1. Mix a small amount of the Blick Matte Acrylic Paint color you have chosen with a few drops of water in a cup. This will make it easier to flick and spray. You don’t want to add too much water, or it will end up making the paper wet.

2. Dip your brush into the paint mixture and flick it onto some test paper to check the consistency. Add more paint or more water depending on how it’s mixing.

3. Tape down your large piece of Lotka paper onto a large piece of cardboard or a surface that you don’t mind getting messy.

4. Dip your brush into the paint mixture and start flicking it onto the Lotka paper. You can also hold your brush over the paper and tap it with your other hand. For bigger paint splatters, use more paint on the brush and tap harder. Test some different techniques to get the results you want. Don’t be afraid to get messy!

5. When you’re done, let the paper dry completely before using it to wrap.

Paint Swipes

1. Choose your favorite heavy-body acrylic paint in any color or an acrylic gesso (we’re using Utrecht Artists’ Acrylic Gesso for thickness and texture).

2. You’ll need a larger thick bristle brush, such as the Blick Mega Natural Bristle Brush. This keeps the texture in the paint when you swipe it.

3. You can use the gesso right out of the jar. Load your paintbrush with gesso.

4. Pick a direction and swipe the paint in one stroke, only lifting the brush at the very end. This will produce a nice round brush stroke filled with texture. Be sure not to push too hard on the brush, and make sure the paint is not too thin.

5. Offset the brush strokes in each row to give a patterned look, keeping the strokes about the same length as the first stroke. Continue until the paper is fully filled out.

6. Once the paper is dry, wrap your gift however you like and finish it off with your favorite bow.