Tempera Paint Pouring

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Pour and manipulate simple tempera paint into unique marbelized works of art. The process is random, abstract, and a whole lot of fun, so get ready for some "oohs" and "aahs"!

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1. Cover your work station with cardboard boxes or paint trays to catch drips. Squeeze out just enough tempera paint to cover the bottom of a small paper cup. Create a pool in the center with a second color. Repeat, squeezing paint into the center of each color, forming a "bullseye."


2. Place a piece of chipboard (or a canvas panel) on top of the cup, then turn both over, remove the cup, and allow the paint to flow out into a puddle.


3. Hold the edges of the board or panel and rotate it from side to side, allowing gravity to work its magic until the surface is covered and the desired design is achieved.