Sketch & Paint Workshop with Samantha Dion Baker

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Learn to find inspiration where you least expect it—even the most mundane can be captured beautifully with a little creativity! Samantha has inspired artists around the world with her books and daily sketch journal pages. Now she’s bringing her fun, interactive style to you with this special one-hou...



1. Take a short walk outside, a route that you often take, and look around for something that you always pass and normally overlook—something that you would typically never think to highlight or draw or something new that you have never noticed before.

2. Snap a few photos to use as reference or create a light, loose sketch on the spot. Write some notes about why you chose to draw your subject.

3. Back at your desk (we can do this together in our one-hour lesson) use the photo reference to create a finished painting of your chosen subject. We will work on this together, using pencil, ink, and Inktense paints. Try to have a loose sketch started before the lesson so that we can focus on the painting together.