Portrait Drawing with Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor Pencils

Discover new techniques to create hyper-realistic portrait drawings using Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor Pencils. Led by award-winning portrait artist Justin Maas, learn how to block in, blend, and apply pencil layers while putting your own artistic spin on portraiture!

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1. Be sure to use bright natural white light when working. Work from a life model or a portrait image to help get started.

2. Create a light sketch of the elements of the portrait including face shape, eyes, mouth, and nose, measuring angles as you sketch.

3. Start the rendering stage by adding value to the features of the sketch. Consider the lights and darks of the portrait. Light and shadow creates color, so try to match those colors with color value.

4. Build colors to create form, add values, and create a more life-like image. Switch between different shades of colors to create and deepen values.

5. Leave white areas as highlights. Using a white colored pencil is optional but may not give you the brightness of leaving a space white.

6. Use an eraser to help keep highlighted areas clean and create new highlights.

7. Use a color wheel to help match colors in the portrait with your pencils.

8. Add details using skin tone colors and layer them one on top of another. Follow a buildup process to get the color tones and values that you want.

9. Optional: Use a colorless blender, tortillon, or brush to blend various areas.