Pom Pom Holiday Trees

Pom Pom Holiday Trees

Merry and bright! Give your holiday décor some sparkle this year with a scene of colorful DIY trees.

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    1. Prep the Styrofoam cone with a coat of white gesso or craft foam primer. Priming the surface helps prevent the Styrofoam from melting when using hot glue. Let dry completely.

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    2. Put your hot glue gun on a low setting. Glue the pom poms in even rows, one by one, around the cone.

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    3. Be prepared to use a lot of pom poms and hot glue sticks! Three or four packages may be needed depending on the size of the pom poms and the Styrofoam cone.

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    4. Pat down the pom poms as you glue them so they stay firmly in place.

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    5. Cover the cone and your pom pom tree is ready to display! Repeat the steps to create a scene of colorful holiday trees.

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