Plaster Posies

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A coat of pristine white plaster transforms inexpensive store flowers! Use them on barrettes or pin backs, as beautiful bows for packages, or to adorn just about anything!

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1. Separate the individual faux flowers from their stems if they are in a grouping. Leave enough stem on each flower to enable it to be poked into a Styrofoam block for drying.


2. Mix plaster in a plastic container at a ratio of about two parts plaster to one part water. Mix it thoroughly to eliminate any lumps. The plaster should be about the consistency of heavy cream.


3. Begin dipping each flower into the plaster. All parts of the flower should be covered. Gently shake off any excess plaster, and place the stems into the Styrofoam block to dry. Alternately, place flowers on a piece of waxed paper.


4. If needed, dip a second time. Lightly colored fabric flowers are easier to cover. Now, affix the flower to a pin back or barrette with E6000 Jewelry Adhesive, glue it to a ribbon for wrapping a package, glue it to the side of a flower pot, or adorn a frame!