Pinch Pot Air Plant Vases

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Literally liven up a side table, desk, or sunny window with these simple little vases. Perfect for air plants, they're super easy to make and fun for the whole family!

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1. Pinch off a golf ball-size lump of clay and form it into a ball. Punch a hole in the center of the clay and pinch the sides until they thin out and form a small bowl.


2. Feel free to experiment with vase sizes and shapes. You can even create multiple openings.


3. Let the vase air-dry completely until it's no longer cool to the touch and turns a medium gray color. Brush the inside (or outside if you prefer) with metal leaf adhesive.


4. Carefully tear off pieces of gold leaf and gently press them against the adhesive with a dry brush. Gold leaf tears very easily. Wherever an overlap occurs, use the brush to flake off the excess leafing material.


5. The adhesive dries in about one hour. Brush the gold leaf with metal leaf sealer, following the instructions on the bottle. When the sealer is dry, coat the exposed gray clay with Blick Studio Acrylic paint in Ivory Black for a dramatic look.


6. Add more gold leaf details as desired. Use the vases for air plants, cacti, and other plants that require little to no water. The pots aren't kiln-fired so don't overwater.