How to Make a Personalized Journal Cover

Up the sturdiness and style of your spiral journal with a handy cover made by you! Learn how to use canvas and bookbinding tape to eliminate flimsiness and prevent spirals from deforming. Create a pencil holder on the front to make this cover the complete package.



1. Measure the width of the spiral binding and height of the sketchbook.

2. Cut a piece of canvas, adding an inch to the width of the spiral binding. To create a clean edge, also add to the height, just enough to fold over the canvas.

3. Attach to the sketchbook spiral, using Yes! Stickflat glue to adhere the excess canvas to the covers, both front and back. Apply bookbinding tape to the seam for extra support.

4. Measure the height and width of the sketchbook.

5. Add 2 inches to the height. Cut two pieces of canvas to size.

6. To add the pencil holder elastic strip on the front cover, cut slits in the canvas to thread the elastic through. The spacing is customizable to your sketchbook size and tools needed, but in general there should be at least a half inch between each cut. Use an odd number of cuts to thread from the backside, in and out, ending at the backside again.

7. The elastic should be tight, but not so tight that it pulls at the fabric when in use. To test, place pencils, pens, and tools you plan to use with this sketch book in the elastic. Pull firmly, taping each end down with bookbinding tape.

8. Coat the cover with a generous layer of Yes! Stickflat glue. Center the canvas approximately one inch from the spiral binding. There should be a one inch overlap of canvas on each open side of the cover. Smooth flat.

9. Turn the book over, to the inside front cover. From the outside edge in, cut 45 degree angled notches at each corner. Coat the excess canvas in glue and fold over, to the inside cover. Press flat. Use clips to hold it in place until the glue dries. Repeat on the remaining two sides to complete the front cover.

10. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to adhere the back cover.