Personalized Jewelry

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Create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry using ImpressArt stamps, tools, and supplies!

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1.   Practice stamping with the Metal Stamping Hammer to get a feel for how much force is needed to create the desired stamp depth. Once you have the hang of it, choose a design and the blank charm for your jewelry.


2.   Place your blank on the Steel Block, and stamp your design with the Metal Shaping Hammer. Use a Simple Strike Jig to keep your stamp in place and protect your fingers. You can also add Stamp Straight Tap to ensure your design is stamped as planned.


3.   Stamp words, numbers, and images unique to you, or create a personal gift for someone else.


4.    Add a Ball Chain to create a necklace. Run the tip of the Stamp Enamel Marker over the stamped area for an old-world finishing touch.