How to Paint a Balloon using Artisan Water Mixable Oil Colour

Learn how to paint a balloon using Artisan Water Mixable Oil Colours! Kate Brinkworth is a British painter best known for her Photorealist depictions of glossy advertisements, film noir scenes, and shiny candy. Brinkworth is particularly interested in the effects created though experimenting with fo...


1. Use a thin pale colour to mark out the painting on an oil pad.

2. Add white to the colours to lighten them and create different opaque qualities. Use a combination of opaque and thinned paint to create depth of field.

3. Thin the paint using Artisan Linseed Oil. Use thinned down colours to allow the white of the background to show through, creating transparency and vibrant colour.

4. Look for the areas of darkness, bright colours, and shapes and block them in.

5. Exaggerate the colours and enjoy them, adding mediums such as Artists’ Gloss Varnish will create a shiny finish. Blend with a 4 large soft brush.

6. For the final step, add white for the brightest highlights, use yellow or blue paint to alter the brightness of the highlight.