Monstera Watercolor Painting

Grow your watercolor skills! Find out how to paint a vibrant Monstera leaf using a masking fluid resist method and staining and lifting techniques to add texture to your painting.


1. Sketch a Monstera leaf on watercolor paper from observation, or use our provided template.

2. Shake Utrecht Watercolor Art Masking Fluid, then pour desired amount into a small container. Use a paintbrush to apply the masking fluid along the outside of the leaf edge, on leaf veins, and in holes or openings in the leaf, and allow to dry. Areas where masking fluid is applied will remain white while painting. Tip: Once dry, the masking fluid can be peeled away from any non-stick surface. Tip: Masking fluid contains latex, which will make your paintbrush sticky. Use a different brush to apply watercolors.

3. Create color washes. Squeeze Utrecht Artists’ Watercolors onto a well palette and use a dropper to add water.

4. Stain the paper with the watercolor washes, staying inside the masked area that runs along the outside. Use a wet-in-wet technique until desired effect is achieved. Washes can be applied over masking fluid.

5. Allow leaf to dry completely. Tip: Use a heat gun or hair dryer to speed up the drying time. Maintain at least an 8" distance and use on a low setting.

6. Use watercolor brushes and a wet-in-dry technique to add texture.

7. Allow to dry, then remove the masking fluid using a soft eraser or clean finger to rub it away.