Mason Jar Moroccan Lanterns

All it takes is a little tape and some paint to transform simple mason jars into stylish, decadent lanterns for your dinner table.


1. Cut painter's tape into a variety of geometric shapes. Arrange tape so it's evenly spaced around the midsection of the jars. Smooth edges of the tape so it's securely stuck to the glass.


2. Take jars to a well ventilated area. Spray two or three layers of Krylon Make It Stone! Metallic Spray Paint or Krylon Glitter Blast Spray Paint onto the outside of the jars until glass is completely covered. Do not spray the interior of the jar. Peel off tape when paint is dry.


3. Add dot embellishments with Pebeo Vitrail Outliner around the "windows" in the glass.


4. Experiment with colors, glitter sprays, and shapes to create a variety of elegant lanterns. Add flameless tea lights to make them glow, and you have an instant autumn table setting.