Marbled Holiday Ornaments

Trim the tree with your own marbled holiday ornaments! Easy and fun for the whole family, learn how to use Marabu Easy Marble paints to decorate three hanging ornaments you’ll admire year after year.


1. Fill a plastic tub, bowl, or container with room temperature water.

2. Select two or three Marabu Easy Marble Paint colors and shake them up.

3. Remove caps from the ornaments.

4. One at a time, drop colors into your water.

5. Working quickly, use a craft stick to create marble designs.

6. Immerse one ornament in the water completely, then carefully set it on a flat surface to dry.

7. Once dry, replace the cap on your ornament and hang it up.

8. Use a piece of copy paper or a paper towel to remove excess marbling paint, and replace paint after each ornament is marbled.