Mama Llama Screen Print

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Best suited for an intermediate crafter, this photo emulsion screen print is a great DIY gift for Mother's Day, birthdays, baby showers, and just for fun!

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1.    Print two copies of the Mama Llama image using the transparencies in either the Speedball Screen Printing Kit. Place one printed image on top of the other to create a complete "blackout" of the image. You may use a little clear tape on the corners to keep them together.

Step 5

2.    To prepare the Photo Emulsion, put on gloves (the emulsion is toxic and can stain) and work in a dark or dimly lit room with no sunlight. Follow the kit's instructions and add cold water to the Diazo Sensitizer bottle. Pour the Sensitizer mixture into the Photo Emulsion bottle and mix well with a craft stick to activate it. Tip: Photo Emulsion reacts to light, so continue to work in a dark or dimly lit room for steps 3, 4, and 5.

Step 6

3.    Place the 10" x 14" printing screen on the table so the bottom (the side of the screen fabric that's flush with the screen frame) is facing up. The screen fabric should not be touching the table. Slowly pour a long bead of Photo Emulsion onto one end of the screen fabric.

Step 7

4.    Place the kit's squeegee on the printing screen at a 45 degree angle and spread the emulsion across it, making a thin layer. Flip the screen over and repeat this step on the other side. Do not leave any thick deposits of emulsion. Let the coated screen dry with a fan.

Step 8

5.    Once the screen is completely dry, place it top-side-up so it's parallel with the ground. Use clear tape to secure the Mama Llama transparencies against the top of the screen. Place the kit's black paper underneath the print screen and hold it into place so the screen is sandwiched between the transparencies and black paper. See kit directions for reference.

Step 9

6.    Set a timer according to the kit's instructions. Working quickly, place your "screen sandwich" in the sunlight outside (it's best to do this around noon, when the sun is high in the sky). Simultaneously start your timer. Once the timer ends, quickly take the screen inside and remove the tape, transparencies, and paper. Wash the emulsion from both sides of the stencil with a stream of cold water from a water faucet or hose. Hold the stencil up to the light to confirm there's no green emulsion left in the stencil area. Use a soft sponge to gently remove any remaining emulsion. Let the screen dry completely.

Step 1

7.    Now it's time to print. Cover all the inside edges of your screen with painting tape and clear packing tape to prevent ink from leaking through. Cover your work area with newspaper and get your ink and squeegee ready.

Step 2

8.    Place the screen flat onto the fabric that will be printed and put on gloves. Apply a thick bead of ink at the top of the printed screen. Use the squeegee to pull the ink down the screen with an even pressure. Carefully remove the screen and reveal your final image.

Place one printed image on top of the other to create a complete "blackout" of the image. You may use a little clear tape on the corners to keep them together.

Step 3

9.    Allow the image to dry on the tote bag, then heat set according to the kit's instructions. To change the ink color, scrape any excess ink from the dirty screen, remove the tape, and wash out the screen with dish soap to remove residual ink. Once the screen is completely clean and dry, repeat step 7 and choose another color for step 8.

Step 4