Magnolia Watercolor Painting

Watercolor your way into spring! Learn new watercolor painting techniques like painting from observation, creating and painting with a wash, wet-into-wet applications, staining, lifting, and more. Sketch and paint a magnolia flower using Utrecht Artists’ Watercolors, Utrecht Designers Gouache, and U...


1. Print resource images and transfer or draw the image using a pencil on the Ampersand Aquabord.

2. Create and paint a light wash over the magnolia flowers, leaves, and branches, working one petal at a time and allowing each one to dry. Use a dropper to add clean water to the palette to make wash the desired intensity. Use a round brush and wet-into-wet technique to add color to various areas. Adjust the brush size to the area that you are working in.

• Flowers – Magenta + small amount of Ultramarine Blue

• Leaves – Viridian + Lemon Yellow

• Branch – Raw Sienna + small amount of Ivory Black

3. Paint a wash over the background using Ultramarine Blue and the flat brush. Add water to adjust color intensity.

4. When the first layer of paint is dry, create additional color washes that are more color saturated than the first layer by adding less water to the color mixture. Paint wet-in-dry.

5. Create a wash using Utrecht Permanent White Gouache. Blend it into various areas of the magnolia flower, and create highlights on the other elements.

6. Use the Utrecht Permanent White Gouache wash and apply it over the background painted with Ultramarine Blue using the flat brush.

7. Create additional highlights by using a clean brush to lift damp color, and deposit excess color into a paper towel, rag or extra sheet of watercolor paper, and repeat.

8. Once the layers are dry, use a Micron pen to outline various areas as needed.