Loose Floral Watercolors

Let creativity bloom with an everlasting floral bouquet! Use Sennelier watercolors to create a custom palette, then paint a loose floral composition with Blick watercolor brushes on a Fabriano watercolor block. Master the watercolor process with this step-by-step demo, which covers sketching from ob...



1. Print reference image.


2. Using a pencil, lightly sketch your flower bouquet with leaves from observation.

3. Mix colors into a wash in a well palette. Focus on mixing analogous colors together to create custom colors. Analogous colors are those situated close to each other on the color wheel, such as blue and purple.

4. Practice brushstrokes and test colors on separate watercolor pages. Use a brush shape that easily fills the space you want to paint, applying more pressure to the page when you want to paint a wider brushstroke.

5. Starting with the leaves, paint in the greens leaving white spaces for highlights.

6. Paint in rose blossoms and rose blooms by overlapping large petal brush strokes in a “comma” shape using various reds, pinks, and purple leaving white spaces for highlights.