Jellyfish Watercolor Painting with Ashley Nordin

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Are you ready for this jelly? Join our Facebook Group, the BLICK Creative Community, for a Jellyfish Watercolor Painting Demo with BLICK’s own Ashley Nordin on 8/10 at 6 p.m. CST. Discover how QoR Modern Watercolors blend and flow as you create a vibrantly colored jellyfish floating under the waves....

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1) Print reference image.

2) Optional: Paint a wash to create a background on the watercolor board using a megabrush. Apply Ultramarine Blue mixed with water to your board.

3) Sketch or transfer the provided drawing of the jellyfish onto the board once dry.

4) Start by creating separate washes using Yellow, Scarlet and Ultramarine.

5) Apply a yellow wash over the jellyfish sketch with the largest round brush. Using a wet-in-wet technique, introduce red and blue in different areas to allow color blending. Aim to mix red and yellow to make orange, and yellow and blue to make green.

6) Allow the first layer to dry, then use a wet-in-dry technique with the smallest round brush to darken tentacles using a similar color palette.