How to Paint Watercolor Citrus with Fabriano Artistico Watercolor Paper

Learn to paint vibrant citrus slices using Fabriano Artistico Watercolor Paper, a luxurious, bright white surface that makes colors pop.


Citrus Slices

  1. Wet your round Raphael brush (Size 4 or 6).

  2. Start with Lemon Yellow on your palette, then add a touch of Carmine or French Vermillion to create a few variations of yellows and oranges.

  3. Begin to paint a circle with Lemon Yellow.

  4. With a slightly different shade, wet your brush again and create a triangle with rounded edges, starting from a point in the middle—similar to a pizza slice! Remember to leave some small gaps of white in between the slices.

  5. Fill in the triangles using straight brush strokes, leaving small spaces in between strokes. Leaving the white of the paper gives contrast and makes the fruit look more appetizing!

  6. Continue to create more overlapping circles and fill in each “pizza slice” triangle shape within each circle.

  7. Create as many slices and color variations with the Lemon Yellow, Carmine, Alizarin Crimson, French Vermillion, and Venetian Red colors. You’ll find endless variations within these colors to make red, orange, yellow, and pink!


  1. Wet your round Raphael brush (Size 4 or 6).

  2. Use Lemon Yellow with a touch of Burnt Sienna to draw your lemon outline.

  3. Fill in your lemon shape with Lemon Yellow (you can use a bigger brush here, like a Size 8 or 10) but outline the left side with a touch more Carmine or Burnt Sienna while the yellow is still wet, letting the paint create a gradient.

  4. Using a smaller round brush again (Size 4 or 6), create two small, uneven twigs of stem, coming from the top of the lemon.

  5. Add some Green Light or Forest Green to the mixture, letting the paint mix on the paper directly.

  6. Draw a few leaves coming from the stem, using Green Light.

  7. With Forest Green and Burnt Sienna, outline the leaves to create contrast and shadow.