How to Make a Monstera Gelli Print

Create a vibrant Monstera print using Utrecht Artists’ Fluid Acrylic Paint and an easy monoprinting technique.


Step 1: Begin by setting your gelli plate on top of your printmaking paper and marking off the four corners with a pencil. Put the paper aside and set the gelli plate down on a flat surface.

Step 2: Mix up a custom color using Utrecht Artists’ Fluid Acrylic Paints. Mix with a palette knife until the paint is fully incorporated and no streaks remain.

Step 3: Load the paint on your brayer by rolling in both directions. Roll the brayer over the top half of the gelli plate, creating a color block print. Work quickly so the paint remains open.

Step 4: Repeat the process with another custom color, varying the amount of paint you use to create a new shade. Load up the brayer and roll over the bottom half of the gelli plate.

Step 5: Line up the corners of the gelli plate with your paper. Transfer the paint by rubbing the back of the paper with moderate pressure. When done, clean off your gelli plate with soap and warm water.

Step 6: Grab your Monstera stencil. Use the positive portion of the stencil to plan your leaf placements on your color block print.

Step 7: Place the negative portion of the stencil down securely on the clean gelli plate, mirroring the placement of the positive portion.

Step 8: Create a lighter custom color for your first leaf and roll it directly over the stencil with the brayer. Be sure you’re only covering over the stencil area and not the borders.

Step 9: Remove the stencil and press your color block print facedown over the gelli plate using moderate pressure. When done, clean off your gelli plate.

Step 10: Repeat the process with the second leaf using a darker paint color. Make sure the placement on the gelli plate differs from your first leaf.

Step 11: Once your artwork is final, clean your gelli plate with Windex or soap and warm water and store flat.