Holiday Felt Garland

Create an on point poinsettia garland! The whole family will want to join in to make this fun felt garland. Kunin Premium Felt, Blick Armature Wire, a bit of glue, and holiday spirit are all you need for this stunning craft that will make any mantel or table look festive.


1. Cut petals and leaves from the templates provided. Each poinsettia flower will need: • 1 stamen • 3 small petals • 6 medium petals • 5 large petals • 3 leaves

2. Cut additional leaves for the body of the garland. Approximately 20 leaves create an 18" garland.

3. To assemble the flower, begin with the stamen. Apply a length of glue to the bottom and coil around the tip of an 18" length of wire. Using a generous drop of glue, add petals, starting with the smallest, and work toward the larger petals at the base. Alternate placement to avoid any gaps. Finally, add two or three leaves.

4. Use a length of felt, 18" long and 1" wide to conceal the remaining wire. Apply glue and fold in half, placing the wire at the top, inside crease of the felt. Leave the final 2" open and unglued if planning to add to the length to the piece.

5. Give dimension to the leaves by applying a drop of glue at the base of the leaf and pinching them together.

6. Glue leaves to the length of felt, alternating placement to conceal gaps. The exact number of leaves will vary depending on placement and spacing. If leaves are placed closely together, more will be needed. Leave the final 3" free of leaves, if adding to the length.

7. Continue to repeat Step 1 through Step 6 to add length.

8. If desired, add embellishments, such as a beaded stamen, pom poms, or a dusting of glitter for finishing touches.