Holiday Decopatch Décor

Deck the halls with a glitzy Decopatch deer decoration! Learn how to apply ModPodge Mega Glitter to a pre-formed Decopatch paper mache animal, then decorate it with handmade felt flowers. You’ll be left with a glam holiday decoration perfect for any décor!


1) Coat the surface of your Decopatch animal with black gesso and allow to dry. For an extra smooth surface, apply multiple coats, and sand lightly in between each coat of gesso.

2) Apply a generous coat of ModPodge Mega Glitter in silver and allow to dry. For a full glitter effect, apply at least 3 coats.

3) Between applying coats of glitter, create the felt flower decorations. Start by cutting petals and leaves from the templates provided. Each poinsettia flower will need approximately 3 small petals, 6 medium petals, 5 large petals, and 2-3 leaves.

4) To assemble the flower, begin with the stamen. Cut a 10" length of wire. Make a “stop” on one end by bending and knotting the wire to prevent the beads from sliding off. Thread about 2 inches of beads onto the wire.

5) Fold the wire in half, aligning the ends together, and push the beads to the center. Twist the two lengths of wire together, creating a loop of beads at the top of the twisted wires.

6) Bunch the beads together, creating a small, knotted ball shape.

7) Use a hot glue gun, set at low temperature, to add petals to the stamen. Start with the smallest and work toward the larger petals at the base. Alternate placement to avoid any gaps. Finally, add two or three leaves.

8) Cut remaining wire to create a flat base.