Merry & Bright Hand Lettering with Watercolors

Make your holidays merry and bright with this fun project! Follow along with artist Jeannie Dickson as she demonstrates how to hand letter festive phrases on watercolor paper. Using Finetech Artists Mica Watercolors, Blick Premier Watercolor Blocks, and Royal Talens Angora Watercolors, learn how to ...


1. Select your Quote

2. Sketch out your layout and design your letters using copy paper and only one color from your watercolor set. Use the brushes you plan to use for the final piece.

3. Incorporate some elements such as Christmas lights, snowflakes, dots, lines and drop shadows to enhance your letters and the overall design.

4. Choose a color palette based on the theme and elements you plan to incorporate.

5. Begin to paint the word “Merry” with the opaque watercolors and with the ½” angle wash brush.

6. Use the size 6 round brush to add some additional serifs and help colors blend and to letter the words “& Bright”.

7. Using the size 2, round brush, create the drop shadows for the word “Merry”.

8. Using a permanent marker, color in the elements where you will be applying the metallic watercolors. Give the marker a few seconds to dry completely

9. Using the size 2 brush, activate the metallic watercolor with a little water and apply over the areas you colored with the permanent marker.

10. Use the metallic gold watercolor and the size 2, round brush to add drop shadows and additional details giving them a more festive look.