Glass Etching

Need a gift idea for the holidays? Learn a fast and easy technique for creating elegant etched designs on glassware! Trace your design on any plain glassware or hand letter messages directly on the surface with a paint marker and apply Armour Etch. The Armour Etch and paint marker simply rinse off w...


1. Prepare a design by sketching it on paper, printing it out from a computer, or using an attached template. Keep in mind that any white areas will be etched, and any black shapes must be drawn with markers.

2. Cut out your design and place it inside the glassware (or on the back side of a flat plate) as snuggly against curves as possible. Tape the paper in place.

3. Trace the design with one of the suggested brands of paint marker. Poster-paint and many water based markers will not fully resist Armour Etch. For best results, use Sakura Pen-Touch Calligrapher Pens and Paint Markers DecoColor Paint Markers Molotow All4One Acrylic Markers (Black only). Distortion from the glass may make tracing challenging. For best results, lift the paper design away frequently to check your progress. Make corrections by removing wet ink with a cotton swab or tissue, or scratching dry ink from the glass surface. Use masking tape to create straight edges on designs.

4. After the paint marker is dry, apply Armour Etch to the design. Use a sponge brush for large areas. Use a small, nylon brush to be more precise. For best results, apply a thick coat of etching cream and pat on, rather than applying brushstrokes.

5. Wait 2 minutes, then rinse under running water. Use a sponge or cloth to help lift paint marker lines.

6. Allow to dry. If desired, use glass paint or a glass paint marker to add accents. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to permanently affix glass paint.