Foliage Watercolor Painting

Brighten any space with a fresh foliage-themed painting! Learn to mix unique color combinations using an analogous color palette on a cold press watercolor block. Incorporate masking, staining, and lifting techniques with color washes. Get inspired as you create artwork that will give your space a p...



1. Print reference image.


1) Make a light sketch or transfer the provided reference image onto your watercolor block

2) Make a wash with each color. Start with a 1:10 ratio of paint to water and mix well using a brush. TIP: Test the intensity of your color washes on a separate sheet of watercolor paper.

3) Apply masking fluid to small, enclosed spaces that you do not want to paint. Allow to dry before continuing. TIP: Use a craft brush or other tool to apply masking fluid, as it will cause bristles to stick together.

4) Apply color washes to leaves and stems. It’s okay to apply color over masked areas once they are dry.

5) Use a clean brush to lift color from veins on the leaves. Apply Phthalo Yellow Green in the vein areas.

6) Repeat steps 4 and 5 until complete. Combine colors to make unique mixtures — add variations of color for light and shadow using Indigo and Cadmium Yellow.

7) Remove masking fluid carefully using a craft knife or blade once paint is dry.

8) Refine edges by lightly outlining shapes with Indigo using your smallest brush.