Easy Felt Storage Box

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A modern take on an easy, no-sew, no-glue storage box! Store craft supplies, toys, shoes, and more.

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1. Start with a 38" x 34" piece of felt. Cut the corners as shown above, 9-1/2" from left to right, and 11" from top to bottom.


2. Make a 1-1/2" long cut in each of the four corners. This will allow for the sides to overlap when you stitch the box together.


3. Using a pen or marker in a color similar to the fabric, mark the felt on each side at 1-1/2" intervals to indicate where the edges will be held together. Make the marks slightly wider than your dowel rods.


4. Carefully cut along each mark using a Blick E-Z Grip Knife. Again, the cuts should be slightly wider than your dowel rods to allow enough room for weaving, but not so wide that they rip through to the edges.


5. Align the cuts and gently weave the dowel rods through the fabric, making sure the ends are inside the box. After all four rods have been inserted, the box will stand on its own! Tip: Use the tip of a pencil, if necessary, to open the cuts for easier insertion of the dowel rods.