How to Draw a Hyper-Realistic Eye with Prismacolor Premier Markers and Colored Pencils

Explore tips and tricks for drawing a hyper-realistic eye with Prismacolor Premier markers and colored pencils. Learn how artist Keena Gozé combines markers and colored pencils to create colorful blends and realistic effects.


  1. Choose a high-resolution reference photo of an eye where all the details, highlights, and shadows can be clearly seen.

  2. Using a mechanical pencil, begin by lightly sketching out the basic elements of the eye, such as the pupil, iris, tear duct, eyelid, and highlights.

  3. Lightly erase the graphite lines with a kneaded eraser, leaving behind only a faint outline.

  4. Optional: Use Prismacolor Col-Erase pencils to go over the faded sketch in appropriate colors.

  5. Use Prismacolor Premier Dual-Ended art markers to block out basic colors. Lay down lighter colors first to establish values and gradually layer darker colors to build contrast.

  6. Next, layer Prismacolor Premier colored pencils on top of the marker, lightly laying down pigment and gradually building layers. Like the markers, start with a base of light colors and blend deeper and darker colors on top to create contrast in shadowed areas.

  7. Include a wide range of colors in the white of the eye and tear duct, such as light blues, pinks, reds, and oranges.

  8. Avoid using too many grays and blacks in the eye and primarily stick to natural colors.

  9. Use markers to color the skin around the eye. Draw with light tones in the highlighted areas and darker ones in the shadowed portions, blending the points at which light and dark meet with a mid-tone.

  10. Layer colored pencil over the marker in circular motions to mimic the smooth appearance of skin.

  11. Lightly map out the eyelashes using a dark colored pencil before filling them in with black.

  12. Use a variety of colors similar to the skin to shade and outline the roots and stems of the eyelashes.

  13. Continue to build contrast, blend, and add details as necessary.

  14. Once you’ve built up enough colored pigment, grab a sharpened white colored pencil and apply pressure in circular motions to create highlights and texture around areas of the skin.