DIY Wrapping Paper

Wrap up the holiday season! Carve, ink, and print designs to create block-printed wrapping paper using Blick Readycut with Speedball Block Printing Inks and Linocutters on a paper roll. Discover your creative side with the provided design templates, and learn all about the block printing process to ...


1. Place Saral Transfer Paper graphite-side-down on a Blick Readycut block, then add the printed design line-art-side-up on top of the Saral Transfer Paper and tape it in place.

2. Use a pencil to trace over the line art and transfer it onto the block.

3. Carve the design with a linoleum cutter. Carve until white shows — gray areas will print and white areas will not.

4. Use slicing gouge to cut away areas at line designations that will be inked with different colors.

5. Apply ink to palette paper. Roll the brayer into the ink evenly back and forth until you hear a “Velcro” sound. Test the print 2–3 times to make sure block is printing as desired.

6. Place paper on top of carved and inked design. Press down firmly using a baren until the ink is transferred.

7. Clean the blocks and brayers with water between each color.