DIY Glitter Earrings with Liquid Sculpey

Put some sparkle in your step with a fun and easy DIY earring project! Liquid Sculpey and Sculpey 3D Jewelry Molds make it easy to create glittery earrings in a variety of shapes and sizes. Customize to create an on-trend accessory for any look or create a pair for family and friends.



There are two different methods for filling the molds with Liquid Sculpey and glitter:

1. For an all-over glitter effect, fill the mold halfway with clear Liquid Sculpey. Sprinkle in glitter, then add more clear liquid Sculpey, filling to the top. Mix thoroughly with a toothpick.

2. For a layered glitter effect, use a toothpick to position the glitter inside the mold. If desired, add additional layers of glitter in different sizes and colors. Working section by section, add clear Liquid Sculpey and use a toothpick to combine, avoiding mixing the different colors.

3. Tap the mold tray lightly to remove any bubbles. Bake at 275° F (130° C) for 15 – 30 minutes.

4. If using the Sculpey Oven Safe 3D Jewelry Mold, eye pins will need to be inserted. Simply thread them through the wire provided with the mold, lower them into the center of each piece, and rest the end of the wires on the mold.

5. Allow the pieces to cool completely. To remove them from the mold, carefully peel them away from the sides. If using the Sculpey 3D Jewelry Mold, first remove the wire, then push each piece up from the bottom of the mold.

6. Use jewelry pliers to open the base of an ear wire and attach to the earring. Jump rings can be used to add length or to change the direction of the earring's face.