Decorated Planters

Create a planter as colorful as your summer blooms with Posca Paint Markers! Create an original sketch, then layer vibrant Posca colors on a planter for a fresh, fun piece of summer décor!

Project created and designed exclusively for BLICK Art Materials by Rosie Moon Creations [@rosiemooncreat...


1. Plan out design in a sketchbook or on a separate sheet of paper.

2. Lightly sketch your design on a planter using a pencil.

3. Outline your design by color with Uni-Posca Paint Markers.

4. Fill in blocks of color with Posca Paint Markers, allowing each section to dry before moving on.

5. Re-coat any areas that are not adequately opaque.

6. Add details, such as highlights and shadows, if the design calls for theOutline with a fine-tip sharpie.

7. Allow everything to dry, then varnish with Mod Podge using a foam brush.