Custom Skateboard Decks

Use Saral transfer paper and Molotow markers to create a unique skateboard that’s sure to make a statement! Design created by Sharon Graham of Little Loaf Designs. Learn more about Sharon’s artwork by visiting her website


1. Tear off a small portion of extra fine grit sandpaper. Prep the area by lightly sanding the surface.

Step 4

2. Unroll a length of Saral transfer paper long enough to cover the entire surface onto which you’re transferring the design. The Saral transfer paper will be wide enough to cover the width of the deck’s surface.

Step 5

3. Use painter’s tape on all sides of the surface to secure the Saral transfer paper in place.

Step 6

4. Print out your design to the desired size for the surface. In this case, we wanted to cover the entire board, so both the Saral and design were cut and printed to the size of the skateboard deck. Place the printed design on top of the Saral transfer paper. Secure the design on all sides with painter’s tape.

Step 7

5. Start tracing your design with a pencil. The Saral transfer paper will transfer the design with a clean tracing.

Step 8

6. When tracing is complete, un-tape one side of the design and Saral to check for any missing design elements. Lay the Saral and design back down and secure with tape to fill in any missing areas.

Step 1

7. Once the transfer is complete, you’re ready to start painting! Molotow One4All Acrylic Markers are the perfect painting tool for skateboard decks. Prior to painting, you can trace the transfer design with a black acrylic marker first to define all lines. Then use desired colors of Molotow One4All Acrylic Markers.

Step 2

8. Let paint dry overnight. Make sure your surface is free of dust, then spray a few light coats of Golden Archival Spray Varnish for a protective finish.

Step 3