Celtic Wire Jewelry

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Twist and bend copper wire into intricate designs with an easy-to-use metal jig to create the perfect fashion statement.

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1. Sketch a wire design on the dotted paper provided with the jig. The more twists and turns, the more it will resemble an intricate Celtic knot. Place the pegs in the Beadalon Deluxe Thing-A-Ma-Jig, then attach the rubber stoppers underneath to hold them in place.

Step 2

2. For this six-peg design, cut a 7" piece of 18 gauge Blick copper wire. Make a lollipop shape with round-tip pliers and slip it over the first peg.

Step 3

3. Proceed to twist the wire around the pegs until you reach the last peg. Make another lollipop shape to finish off the link. Cut off any excess wire.

Step 4

4. The links will be slightly misshapen when removed from the jig. Flatten the links with flat nose pliers.

Step 5

5. To age the copper, mix one tablespoon of Liver of Sulphur with one cup of cold water, then dip the links into the solution for a few seconds until the copper turns black. Allow the links to dry on a paper towel.

Step 6

6. When the links are completely dry, tear off a small piece of steel wool and buff the wire. The insides and overlaps of the wire will remain black, creating an aged effect.

Step 7

7. Connect the links with round-tip pliers and add beads where desired to create a unique design. Beaded links can be created by forming a lollipop like before, sliding the bead onto the wire, and forming another lollipop at the opposite end. Cut off any excess wire.

Step 8

8. Experiment by adding different colors of wire and interweaving thinner and thicker gauge wire. These methods work great to create bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings. The possibilities are endless!

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