Blending Two Colours to Create a Skyscape using Winton Oil Colour

Learn to blend two colours to create a skyscape using Winton Oil Colour! Rachel Levitas studied at Camberwell School of Art, and the Royal Academy Schools in London where she was awarded the Turner Gold Medal for Painting. In 2010 Rachel was awarded first prize at the prestigious Lynn Painter-Staine...


1. Mix some Winton Phthalo Blue with Titanium White. Don’t thin the paint with any medium. Use a palette knife to mix the paint, this ensures even colour.

2. Paint half of your canvas with the blue colour mixture. 3. Add a generous squeeze of white to your palette and mix again to make a pale-blue. Paint the bottom half of your canvas with light blue; to blend run the brush along the join from side to side.

4. Paint wet-on-wet and use a generous amount of white and paint straight on top of your blue background to paint the clouds.

5. Pour some Liquin on your palette; this is used to increase the flow and accelerate the drying time. Use a small brush to mix some dark blue and add detail.

6. Finish the painting by adding darker paint to the shoreline, creating contrast