Beetle Painting

Catch the art bug! Learn how to create contrast and texture on creepy, crawly bug bodies by carving into an Ampersand Claybord panel. Then bring these bugs to life with FW Acrylic Artists’ Inks, a pen holder, and a nib!


  1. Draw or transfer Scarab image onto Claybord using a pencil. Use the provided image as a reference.

  2. Shake all inks prior to use as pigment will settle and separate.

  3. Draw over pencil lines using Black FW Ink with pen and nib.

  4. Use various colors to embellish drawing using pen and nib.

  5. Rinse nib while still attached to pen holder in soapy water and wipe it clean with a paper towel between colors.

  6. Use a lino cutter tool to carve away desired areas and to create white highlights.